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BOM DIA Picknick

After 3 months of social distancing we are very excited to invite you to our multiple book launch and park event on the 4th of July from 14:00 – 18:00 hrs at Tiergarten.



Paula Erstmann with a contribution on ceramics and food poetry

Goda Budvytytė and Viktorija Rybakova will read El Plástico stories from the basket. 15:00 hrs

Sergio Taborda will show two of his ongoing ‘weights for open books’ modeled directly on Sun Ra. En algún lado y en ninguno. Poemas by Sun Ra

James Langdon will read from and discuss Julia Blackburn’s speculative biographies and consider the connotations of ‘impersonation’. 16:00 hrs

Anna Pasco Bolta will let you catch a glimpse of living between gums, ceramics and stickers.

Daniel Steegmann Mangrané Ne voulais prendre, ni forme, ni chair, ni matière


Plus, some of our most recent titles and editions will be hanging out on the lawn:

Mirjam Wirz Sobre el Río
Sandra Mujinga SONW
Anna Pasco Bolta Stickers
Nick Mauss Treatise on the Veil
Mette Winckelmann LAILA UTI
Daniel Steegmann Mangrané Ne voulais prendre, ni forme, ni chair, ni matière
Goda Budvytytė, Viktorija Rybakova El Plástico, the Sun that lives inside the Rock
Sergej Jensen Sergej Jensen 2017
Michael Beutler Things in Slices
Eamon Ore-Giron Infinite Regress


Please see link for exact location.

Near by transportation:
Bus 200 Tiergartenstr.
S+U Potsdamer Platz
S Bellevue

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4 July 2020


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