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GROUP AFFINITY (K.M / Casco), NORA SCHULTZ (Portikus) and our first Bom Dia Kinder COLORING BOOK by Dr. Lakra

Kunstverein München, Galeriestraße 4, 80359 Munich, Germany


Following the summer school and exhibition ‘Group Affinity’ at Kunstverein München in 2011, co-organised by Casco–Office for Art, Design and Theory in Utrecht, this publication is both a document of and conclusion to the project. It contains a photo album of Group Affinity’s daily activities, contributions by each of the faculties, texts by Binna Choi and Alexander Farenholtz, and an afterword by Bart van der Heide and Saim Demircan.

Group Affinity

Edited by Binna Choi, Saim Demircan and Bart van der Heide
Texts by Binna Choi, Saim Demircan, Alexander Farenholtz and Bart van der Heide

Contributions from Liam Casey, Hyun Ju Chung, Cinenova, Marthe van Dessel, Gürsoy Dogtas, Jan van Duppen, Matthias Friedrich, Rahman Hamasalih, Tad Hozumi, Claudia Hummel, Mary Ikoniadou, Hiwa K, Eva Könnemann, Nahla Küsel, Annette Krauss, Sofia Montenegro, Andreas Müller, Susanne Pietsch, Slavs and Tatars, Tijana Stevanovic, Davide Stucchi, Jason Waite and Paul Wiersbinski

Designed by Studio Manuel Raeder
Printed in an edition of 800
ISBN 978-3-943514-27-8

Category: Presentation

20 September 2014

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