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BOM DIA @ XXXmas Bazaar of Migrating Stories

Arts of the Working Class and Atelier Gardens welcome you to the XXXmas Bazaar of Migrating Stories on December 11 from 1 to 7pm, the 4th edition of their market for art and food, crafts and nourishment.

Sixty years ago, the first Turkish guest workers (Gastarbeiter) came to Germany to resolve the economic fortunes of the Germany we know today. Today, the figure of the “guest worker” is still torn, an eternal stranger in the new homeland. Since the ‘90s, Berlin has been the shelter for masses of creatives and artists, who find here the economic ground to soothe or ignite their struggles. Today, in a Berlin under construction by financial speculation and a growing housing crisis, which will be the new parameters of discrimination and welcoming? Can we ever gift ourselves the chance to see migration as a fundamental part of human existence, and not a byproduct a product of war, scarcity and exploitation?
Firmly clinging to the idea that the only strategy valuable to resist stigmatization and exploitation is mutuality, the XXXmas Bazaar will evoke the flavors, sounds, and textures of a multicultural winter celebration: everyone will feel at home far away from home. We celebrate workers coming from wherever they had to leave, to shape the material and cultural scene of Berlin and resist the capitalist acceleration, with small steps.
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1-7 pm Market

5-7 pm Screening & Artist Talk
A documentary film by Cem Kaya on the music culture of migrants from Turkey in Germany, 98 minutes, followed by a discussion

7-10 pm Dance Floor with wearebornfree! Empowerment Radio


Berliner Union-Film Ateliers (BUFA)
Oberlandstraße 26–35
12099 Berlin


Category: Christmas market

11 December 2022

1 - 7 pm

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