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Anna M. Szaflarski, Between Swimming and Dryland at Kunstverein Reutlingen

Anna M. Szaflarski deals with the porous boundaries of the physical body and consciousness, as well as, how the body is embedded in its environment and constituted by surrounding inanimate objects. With reference to microbiology, literature and art history and loaded with fantasy and science fiction narratives, the works alienate us and irritate our perceptual experience by transporting us into invented worlds. Sensory impressions are confused and body knowledge learned is questioned. This is Anna M. Szaflarski’s first institutional solo exhibition, which combines existing works and new productions created especially for the show. Comic-like drawings Show utopian and apocalyptic scenes, a colorful textile mimics the animist illustrations of a Rorschach test, and ceramics imitating household objects animistically blur the relationship between object and subject.

Opening reception 30 June 2019, 11am


Upcoming publication

Very Normal People

Writing and illustration by Anna M. Szaflarski, designed by Santiago da Silva, co-published with AKV Berlin

In this collection of stories and illustrations, Anna M. Szaflarski examines the subject of violence, in particular as it is experienced through the female body. Beginning with an autobiographical experience, the story triggers a dissociative state that plunges the book in and out of imaginary worlds and associative narrative threads. 


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Category: exhibition, Opening

30 June 2019 – 25 August 2019

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